Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Good News and Gratitude!

Guess what?!  I, Nichole, decided to sell the coffee shop to a local friend named Chad Austin.  The shop will maintain it's local and independent charm with Chad and his family's touch.  All is well in the land of Java Dock, the choice was pro-active on my account and Chad seized the opportunity!  The timing was right for everyone involved.  So here we go.........  !

The ownership change will take place on January 5th of 2015.  Though, you're unlikely to see any huge changes, you will notice little updates; such as an ipad as the cash register.  The biggest change will be Chad himself.  He's super excited to be here and you're likely to see him often. 

I just love this sweet photo and it whispers, gratitude.
I am beyond grateful for the approaching changes.  My time with this café has been life altering.  I have learned many lessons in different life areas; business and personal.  You, the people are what have made my time here valuable.  I thank you for sharing of yourselves and supporting me during the past years.  We and our relationships with one another are what a coffee shop is all about and we did it and will continue to do it!  Thanks for being a part of something special. 

I will work with Chad to transition the shop during the new few months.  So, you'll continue to see me and most of the current staff behind the counter.  I look forward to watching the shop transform with Chad's touch!  I am anticipating a new journey of my own in spring!  Stay tuned friends and be well. 

Always Remember to: 

Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.

Friday, October 3, 2014

New Guy: Adrain Lee.

This is Adrian Lee.  He's the new guy behind the counter.  He's a lot of things, but probably most avidly known in the surrounding community as a "perma-culturalist".  I might have just made that word up.  In any case, Adrian studies and practices permaculture.  I've gleaned a bit from him during conversation, but there's much to know.  Ask him about it!  One theme in permaculture is growing; self and things.

We're lucky to have Adrian sailing this ship with us.  He's joined the café staff because the growing season is tapering.  Typically, you could find him in a farm field playing amongst the trees and foliage.  No joke, one time I was driving to meet him and he popped out of a tree line on the side of the road.  This guy LOVES being amidst trees.  He also "makes" baby fruit and nut trees. He's full of information about our region, what's growing here, and what might grow here.

All in all, he's a keeper.  Hope you get to meet him soon.

Be Good.  Drink Good Coffee.  Enjoy today.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Meet Ina!

Ina Wenzler started working at the coffee shop a couple weeks ago.  She's a semi-retired Title One teacher.  I say semi-retired for a couple of reason; first, she's working at the coffee shop and second, she accepted her old job back as a tutor at the Milwaukee Public Library.  Not so retired after all!

Ina loves children and helping them learn.  She also seems to have a love for baking, specifically pies.  So stay tuned for some Ina-Made pies. 

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Port Washington named us as their first GREEN BUSINESS.

We're really proud that the city we call home has a program to incentivize green practices.  We're also happy to say that we're the founding member of the organization created by the city's new intern, Hanne Guthrie.  (Have you noticed the sign in our window?)  It was pretty simple getting the certification as Hanne is organized and pleasant in her dealings.  Being green takes a little more work, but our business ethics couldn't have it any other way.  Simple things we suggest you try:

*COMPOST!  It's easy to toss food scraps in a different container.  Create a little pile in your backyard and fertilize your garden with this stuff in a couple of years.  Easy and efficient. 

*REUSE:  Keep your own bags and/or coffee mug in the car.  Use it when you visit.  Please?

We hope other businesses in the area work with Hanne to obtain this certification and more importantly, we hope you adopt sustainable practices. 

Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.  Be Good.


Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Meet Ben.

This is Ben.  He's a student at Port Washington High School.  He's decided to spend part of his summer learning the ropes as a barista at Java Dock Café.  And, we're glad to have him. 

Ben blends in well to the climate at the shop.  This makes sense, as Ben has been a regular patron at the café for years.  He still spends some of his freetime around these parts.  Just yesterday I saw him relaxing, feet up, chatting with a friend.  It makes me so happy when a "customer" turned "employee", still opts to hangout in their place of "work".  I think it's a good sign!

Ben is an interesting character with a lot of personality.  He's in theater, specifically Port Washington's summer theater.  I often sense the theatrical side of him, as he pulls shots of espresso.  Which, he's doing quite well.  Ben has "taken" to the espresso machine and milk steaming side of things quickly.  Have a latte and get to know this guy.

Monday, June 9, 2014

SummerTIME News.

Phew!  It's finally here.  The season we've all been waiting for.  It's seriously glorious.  I can't get enough of the sunshine or the fresh air.  I feel like a glutton for this kinda weather.  We fasted all winter and now it's time to enjoy.  I hope you take the opportunity to do so.

There are a couple of new things around these parts which we'd like you to know about.  The most urgent piece of intell is the kickoff of our "LIVE MUSIC FRIDAYS".  The sessions will begin this Friday with one of our house musician and dear friend, Howard Lewis.  He's folky.  He's acoustic.  AND, he's a great storyteller.  Hope you have the chance to hear his songs and stories THIS FRIDAY THE 13th from 6pm until 8pm.  You can also hear and learn about other local musicians each Friday through August.  We'll keep you updated with the lineup as it comes closer!

Other new stuff:  Gazpacho.  Have you ever tasted a cold soup?  It's delicious.  I think it's a great way to utilize the summer's vegetable bounty in a soup medium.  We've only begun our experimentation with these taste-altering experiences.  It's really interesting to taste and feel different textures and parts of our palette.  Our gazpachos will feature locally harvested fruits and veggies.  We hope you'll give it a try. 

Our gluten-free terrain continues to expand.  We're able to keep on baking new gluten-free items, so long as you wanna eat them.  So, lets all keep on keeping on. 

Take Good Care.  Drink Good Coffee.  ENJOY!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Local Seedlings!

Here's something to think about as the weather shifts!

Wild Ridge Farm provides us with declicious vegetables which we ferment or turn into soup.  Their plants are likely to be happy and healthy.  Consider buying your seedlings from these local farmers, rather than the big boys!
The Wild Ridge farmers are our friends and we feel ever so grateful to collaborate with them.  Hopefully, you can to.  Read on to learn more about their current offering.....


Wild Ridge Farm offers gardeners the opportunity to pre-purchase vegetable and herb seedlings for your home and garden through the CSA model. When you pick up your seedlings on the farm, you get to choose the varieties you want and receive gardening advice as well! We distribute seedlings when they are ready to be planted into your garden beds and containers. Cool season crops, like lettuce and leafy greens, are distributed in early May. Warm season crops, like tomatoes and peppers, are distributed in early June. $90 for nearly 50 plants; a $130 retail value. Only three shares left for 2014! First pick up is May 3rd.